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WoltLab Suite offers full i18n support with its integrated language system, including but not limited to dynamic phrases using template scripting and the built-in support for right-to-left languages.

Phrases are deployed using the language package installation plugin, please also read the naming conventions for language items.

Special Phrases#

Many characters in the format have a special meaning and will be replaced with date fragments. If you want to include a literal character, you'll have to use the backslash \ as an escape sequence to indicate that the character should be output as-is rather than being replaced. For example, Y-m-d will be output as 2018-03-30, but \Y-m-d will result in Y-03-30.

Defaults to M jS Y.

The date format without time using PHP's format characters for the date() function. This value is also used inside the JavaScript implementation, where the characters are mapped to an equivalent representation.

Defaults to g:i a.

The date format that is used to represent a time, but not a date. Please see the explanation on to learn more about the format characters.

Defaults to 0.

Sets the first day of the week: * 0 - Sunday * 1 - Monday - RTL support#

Defaults to ltr.

Changing this value to rtl will reverse the page direction and enable the right-to-left support for phrases. Additionally, a special version of the stylesheet is loaded that contains all necessary adjustments for the reverse direction.

Last update: 2021-01-08