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Migrating from WoltLab Suite 5.4 - TypeScript and JavaScript#


We have introduced a new Promise based API for the interaction with wcf\data\DatabaseObjectAction. It provides full IDE autocompletion support and transparent error handling, but is designed to be used with DatabaseObjectAction only.

See the documentation for the new API and WoltLab/WCF#4585 for details.


We have replaced the old jQuery-based color picker WCF.ColorPicker with a more lightweight replacement WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Color/Picker, which uses the build-in input[type=color] field. To support transparency, which input[type=color] does not, we also added a slider to set the alpha value. WCF.ColorPicker has been adjusted to internally use WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Color/Picker and it has been deprecated.

Be aware that the new color picker requires the following new phrases to be available in the TypeScript/JavaScript code:


See WoltLab/WCF#4353 for details.


The bundled version of CodeMirror was updated and should be loaded using the AMD loader going forward.

See the third party libraries migration guide for details.

New User Menu#

The legacy implementation WCF.User.Panel.Abstract was based on jQuery and has now been retired in favor of a new lightweight implementation that provides a clean interface and improved accessibility. You are strongly encouraged to migrate your existing implementation to integrate with existing menus.

Please use WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/User/Menu/Data/ModerationQueue.ts as a template for your own implementation, it contains only strictly the code you will need. It makes use of the new Ajax.dboAction() (see above) for improved readability and flexibility.

You must update your trigger button to include the role, tabindex and ARIA attributes! Please take a look at the links in pageHeaderUser.tpl to see these four attributes in action.

See WoltLab/WCF#4603 for details.

Last update: 2022-05-13