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Migrating from WoltLab Suite 5.4 - Templates#

Content Interaction Buttons#

Content interactions buttons are a new way to display action buttons at the top of the page. They are intended to replace the icons in pageNavigationIcons for better accessibility while reducing the amount of buttons in contentHeaderNavigation.

As a rule of thumb, there should be at most only one button in contentHeaderNavigation (primary action on this page) and three buttons in contentInteractionButtons (important actions on this page). Use contentInteractionDropdownItems for all other buttons.

The template contentInteraction is included in the header and the corresponding placeholders are thus available on every page.

See WoltLab/WCF#4315 for details.

Phrase Modifier#

The |language modifier was added to allow the piping of the phrase through other functions. This has some unwanted side effects when used with plain strings that should not support variable interpolation. Another difference to {lang} is the evaluation on runtime rather than at compile time, allowing the phrase to be taken from a variable instead.

We introduces the new modifier |phrase as a thin wrapper around \wcf\system::WCF::getLanguage()->get(). Use |phrase instead of |language unless you want to explicitly allow template scripting on a variable's output.

See WoltLab/WCF#4657 for details.

Last update: 2022-05-13