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Migrating from WSC 3.0 - CSS#

New Style Variables#

The new style variables are only applied to styles that have the compatibility set to WSC 3.1


The page content is encapsulated in a new container that wraps around the inner content, but excludes the sidebars, header and page navigation elements.

  • $wcfContentContainerBackground - background color
  • $wcfContentContainerBorder - border color


These variables control the appearance of the editor toolbar and its buttons.

  • $wcfEditorButtonBackground - button and toolbar background color
  • $wcfEditorButtonBackgroundActive - active button background color
  • $wcfEditorButtonText - text color for available buttons
  • $wcfEditorButtonTextActive - text color for active buttons
  • $wcfEditorButtonTextDisabled - text color for disabled buttons

Color Variables in alert.scss#

The color values for <small class="innerError"> used to be hardcoded values, but have now been changed to use the values for error messages (wcfStatusError*) instead.

Last update: 2021-01-08