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This feature is available with WoltLab Suite 3.1 or newer only.

Since version 3.1, WoltLab Suite Core is capable of automatically creating a sitemap. This sitemap contains all static pages registered via the page package installation plugin and which may be indexed by search engines (checking the allowSpidersToIndex parameter and page permissions) and do not expect an object ID. Other pages have to be added to the sitemap as a separate object.

The only prerequisite for sitemap objects is that the objects are instances of wcf\data\DatabaseObject and that there is a wcf\data\DatabaseObjectList implementation.

First, we implement the PHP class, which provides us all database objects and optionally checks the permissions for a single object. The class must implement the interface wcf\system\sitemap\object\ISitemapObjectObjectType. However, in order to have some methods already implemented and ensure backwards compatibility, you should use the abstract class wcf\system\sitemap\object\AbstractSitemapObjectObjectType. The abstract class takes care of generating the DatabaseObjectList class name and list directly and implements optional methods with the default values. The only method that you have to implement yourself is the getObjectClass() method which returns the fully qualified name of the DatabaseObject class. The DatabaseObject class must implement the interface wcf\data\ILinkableObject.

Other optional methods are:

  • The getLastModifiedColumn() method returns the name of the column in the database where the last modification date is stored. If there is none, this method must return null.
  • The canView() method checks whether the passed DatabaseObject is visible to the current user with the current user always being a guest.
  • The getObjectListClass() method returns a non-standard DatabaseObjectList class name.
  • The getObjectList() method returns the DatabaseObjectList instance. You can, for example, specify additional query conditions in the method.

As an example, the implementation for users looks like this:

```php/api/sitemaps/UserSitemapObject.class.php ```

Next, the sitemap object must be registered as an object type:


In addition to the fully qualified class name, the object type definition com.woltlab.wcf.sitemap.object and the object type name, the parameters priority, changeFreq and rebuildTime must also be specified. priority ( and changeFreq ( are specifications in the sitemaps protocol and can be changed by the user in the ACP. The priority should be 0.5 by default, unless there is an important reason to change it. The parameter rebuildTime specifies the number of seconds after which the sitemap should be regenerated.

Finally, you have to create the language variable for the sitemap object. The language variable follows the pattern wcf.acp.sitemap.objectType.{objectTypeName} and is in the category wcf.acp.sitemap.

Last update: 2021-04-23