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Package Installation Plugins#

A package installation plugin (PIP) defines the behavior to handle a specific instruction during package installation, update or uninstallation.


Any package installation plugin has to implement the IPackageInstallationPlugin interface. It is recommended however, to extend the abstract implementation AbstractPackageInstallationPlugin of this interface instead of directly implementing the interface. The abstract implementation will always provide sane methods in case of any API changes.

Class Members#

Package Installation Plugins have a few notable class members easing your work:


This member contains an instance of PackageInstallationDispatcher which provides you with all meta data related to the current package being processed. The most common usage is the retrieval of the package ID via $this->installation->getPackageID().


Represents the abbreviation of the target application, e.g. wbb (default value: wcf), used for the name of database table in which the installed data is stored.


AbstractPackageInstallationPlugin is the default implementation for all package installation plugins based upon a single XML document. It handles the evaluation of the document and provide you an object-orientated approach to handle its data.

Class Members#


Value must be the qualified name of a class deriving from DatabaseObjectEditor which is used to create and update objects.


Specifies the tag name within a <import> or <delete> section of the XML document used for each installed object.

prepareImport(array $data)#

The passed array $data contains the parsed value from each evaluated tag in the <import> section:

  • $data['elements'] contains a list of tag names and their value.
  • $data['attributes'] contains a list of attributes present on the tag identified by $tagName.

This method should return an one-dimensional array, where each key maps to the corresponding database column name (key names are case-sensitive). It will be passed to either DatabaseObjectEditor::create() or DatabaseObjectEditor::update().


return [
    'environment' => $data['elements']['environment'.md],
    'eventName' => $data['elements']['eventname'.md],
    'name' => $data['attributes']['name'.md]

validateImport(array $data)#

The passed array $data equals the data returned by prepareImport(). This method has no return value, instead you should throw an exception if the passed data is invalid.

findExistingItem(array $data)#

The passed array $data equals the data returned by prepareImport(). This method is expected to return an array with two keys:

  • sql contains the SQL query with placeholders.
  • parameters contains an array with values used for the SQL query.

2.5.3. Example#

$sql = "SELECT  *
    FROM    wcf".WCF_N."_".$this->tableName."
    WHERE   packageID = ?
        AND name = ?
        AND templateName = ?
        AND eventName = ?
        AND environment = ?";
$parameters = [

return [
    'sql' => $sql,
    'parameters' => $parameters

handleDelete(array $items)#

The passed array $items contains the original node data, similar to prepareImport(). You should make use of this data to remove the matching element from database.


$sql = "DELETE FROM wcf".WCF_N."_".$this->tableName."
    WHERE       packageID = ?
            AND environment = ?
            AND eventName = ?
            AND name = ?
            AND templateName = ?";
$statement = WCF::getDB()->prepareStatement($sql);
foreach ($items as $item) {


Allows you to (optionally) run additionally actions after all elements were processed.


AbstractOptionPackageInstallationPlugin is an abstract implementation for options, used for:

  • ACL Options
  • Options
  • User Options
  • User Group Options

Differences to AbstractXMLPackageInstallationPlugin#


$reservedTags is a list of reserved tag names so that any tag encountered but not listed here will be added to the database column additionalData. This allows options to store arbitrary data which can be accessed but were not initially part of the PIP specifications.

Last update: 2021-01-08