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File Package Installation Plugin#

Adds any type of files with the exception of templates.

You cannot overwrite files provided by other packages.

The application attribute behaves like it does for acp templates.


The acpTemplate package installation plugins expects a .tar (recommended) or .tar.gz archive. The file path given in the instruction element as its value must be relative to the package.xml file.

Example in package.xml#

<instruction type="file" />
<!-- is the same as -->
<instruction type="file">files.tar</instruction>

<!-- if an application "com.woltlab.example" is being installed, the following lines are equivalent -->
<instruction type="file" />
<instruction type="file" application="example" />

<!-- if the same application wants to install additional files, in WoltLab Suite Core's directory: -->
<instruction type="file" application="wcf">files_wcf.tar</instruction>

Last update: 2021-01-08