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Migrating from WSC 3.0 - Templates#

Comment-System Overhaul#

Unfortunately, there has been a breaking change related to the creation of comments. You need to apply the changes below before being able to create new comments.

Adding Comments#

Existing implementations need to include a new template right before including the generic commentList template.

<ul id="exampleCommentList" class="commentList containerList" data-...>
  {include file='commentListAddComment' wysiwygSelector='exampleCommentListAddComment'}
  {include file='commentList'}

Redesigned ACP User List#

Custom interaction buttons were previously added through the template event rowButtons and were merely a link-like element with an icon inside. This is still valid and supported for backwards-compatibility, but it is recommend to adapt to the new drop-down-style options using the new template event dropdownItems.

<!-- button for usage with the `rowButtons` event -->
<span class="icon icon16 fa-list jsTooltip" title="Button Title"></span>

<!-- new drop-down item for the `dropdownItems` event -->
<li><a href="#" class="jsMyButton">Button Title</a></li>

You cannot override the button label for sidebars containing navigation menus.

The page sidebars are automatically collapsed and presented as one or, when both sidebar are present, two condensed buttons. They use generic sidebar-related labels when open or closed, with the exception of embedded menus which will change the button label to read "Show/Hide Navigation".

You can provide a custom label before including the sidebars by assigning the new labels to a few special variables:

{assign var='__sidebarLeftShow' value='Show Left Sidebar'}
{assign var='__sidebarLeftHide' value='Hide Left Sidebar'}
{assign var='__sidebarRightShow' value='Show Right Sidebar'}
{assign var='__sidebarRightHide' value='Hide Right Sidebar'}

Last update: 2021-01-08