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WCF 2.1.x - Package Components#


Short Instructions#

Instructions can now omit the filename, causing them to use the default filename if defined by the package installation plugin (in short: PIP). Unless overridden it will default to the PIP's class name with the first letter being lower-cased, e.g. EventListenerPackageInstallationPlugin implies the filename eventListener.xml. The file is always assumed to be in the archive's root, files located in subdirectories need to be explicitly stated, just as it worked before.

Every PIP can define a custom filename if the default value cannot be properly derived. For example the ACPMenu-pip would default to aCPMenu.xml, requiring the class to explicitly override the default filename with acpMenu.xml for readability.


<instructions type="install">
    <!-- assumes `eventListener.xml` -->
    <instruction type="eventListener" />
    <!-- assumes `install.sql` -->
    <instruction type="sql" />
    <!-- assumes `language/*.xml` -->
    <instruction type="language" />

    <!-- exceptions -->

    <!-- assumes `files.tar` -->
    <instruction type="file" />
    <!-- no default value, requires relative path -->
    <instruction type="script">acp/install_com.woltlab.wcf_3.0.php</instruction>


These exceptions represent the built-in PIPs only, 3rd party plugins and apps may define their own exceptions.

PIP Default Value
acpTemplate acptemplates.tar
file files.tar
language language/*.xml
script (No default value)
sql install.sql
template templates.tar


Renamed Categories#

The following categories have been renamed, menu items need to be adjusted to reflect the new names:

Old Value New Value

Menu items can now offer additional actions to be accessed from within the menu using an icon-based navigation. This step avoids filling the menu with dozens of Add … links, shifting the focus on to actual items. Adding more than one action is not recommended and you should at maximum specify two actions per item.


<!-- category -->
<acpmenuitem name="">

<!-- menu item -->
<acpmenuitem name="">
<!-- menu item action -->
<acpmenuitem name="">
    <!-- actions are defined by menu items of menu items -->
    <!-- required FontAwesome icon name used for display -->

Common Icon Names#

You should use the same icon names for the (logically) same task, unifying the meaning of items and making the actions predictable.

Meaning Icon Name Result
Add or create fa-plus
Search fa-search
Upload fa-upload


The box PIP has been added.


Legacy cronjobs are assigned a non-deterministic generic name, the only way to assign them a name is removing them and then adding them again.

Cronjobs can now be assigned a name using the name attribute as in <cronjob name="com.woltlab.wcf.refreshPackageUpdates">, it will be used to identify cronjobs during an update or delete.


Legacy event listeners are assigned a non-deterministic generic name, the only way to assign them a name is removing them and then adding them again.

Event listeners can now be assigned a name using the name attribute as in <eventlistener name="sessionPageAccessLog">, it will be used to identify event listeners during an update or delete.

The menu PIP has been added.

The menuItem PIP has been added.


The definition com.woltlab.wcf.user.dashboardContainer has been removed, it was previously used to register pages that qualify for dashboard boxes. Since WoltLab Suite 3.0, all pages registered through the page.xml are valid containers and therefore there is no need for this definition anymore.

The definitions and have been superseded by the page.xml, they're no longer supported.


The module.display category has been renamed into module.customization.


The page PIP has been added.

The pageMenu.xml has been superseded by the page.xml and is no longer available.

Last update: 2021-01-08