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Writing a Module - JavaScript API#


The new JavaScript-API was introduced with WoltLab Suite 3.0 and was a major change in all regards. The previously used API heavily relied on larger JavaScript files that contained a lot of different components with hidden dependencies and suffered from extensive jQuery usage for historic reasons.

Eventually a new API was designed that solves the issues with the legacy API by following a few basic principles: 1. Vanilla ES5-JavaScript.
It allows us to achieve the best performance across all platforms, there is simply no reason to use jQuery today and the performance penalty on mobile devices is a real issue. 2. Strict usage of modules.
Each component is placed in an own file and all dependencies are explicitly declared and injected at the top.Eventually we settled with AMD-style modules using require.js which offers both lazy loading and "ahead of time"-compilatio with r.js. 3. No jQuery-based components on page init.
Nothing is more annoying than loading a page and then wait for JavaScript to modify the page before it becomes usable, forcing the user to sit and wait. Heavily optimized vanilla JavaScript components offered the speed we wanted. 4. Limited backwards-compatibility.
The new API should make it easy to update existing components by providing similar interfaces, while still allowing legacy code to run side-by-side for best compatibility and to avoid rewritting everything from the start.

Defining a Module#

The default location for modules is js/ in the Core's app dir, but every app and plugin can register their own lookup path by providing the path using a template-listener on requirePaths@headIncludeJavaScript.

For this example we'll assume the file is placed at js/WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Foo.js, the module name is therefore WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Foo, it is automatically derived from the file path and name.

For further instructions on how to define and require modules head over to the RequireJS API.

define(["Ajax", "WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Bar"], function(Ajax, UiBar) {
  "use strict";

  function Foo() { this.init(); }
  Foo.prototype = {
    init: function() {
      elBySel(".myButton").addEventListener(WCF_CLICK_EVENT, this._click.bind(this));

    _click: function(event) {

      if (UiBar.isSnafucated()) {

    _ajaxSuccess: function(data) {
      console.log("Received response", data);

    _ajaxSetup: function() {
      return {
        data: {
          actionName: "makeSnafucated",
          className: "wcf\\data\\foo\\FooAction"

  return Foo;

Loading a Module#

Modules can then be loaded through their derived name:

<script data-relocate="true">
  require(["WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Foo"], function(UiFoo) {
    new UiFoo();

Module Aliases#

Some common modules have short-hand aliases that can be used to include them without writing out their full name. You can still use their original path, but it is strongly recommended to use the aliases for consistency.

Alias Full Path
Ajax WoltLabSuite/Core/Ajax
AjaxJsonp WoltLabSuite/Core/Ajax/Jsonp
AjaxRequest WoltLabSuite/Core/Ajax/Request
CallbackList WoltLabSuite/Core/CallbackList
ColorUtil WoltLabSuite/Core/ColorUtil
Core WoltLabSuite/Core/Core
DateUtil WoltLabSuite/Core/Date/Util
Devtools WoltLabSuite/Core/Devtools
Dictionary WoltLabSuite/Core/Dictionary
Dom/ChangeListener WoltLabSuite/Core/Dom/Change/Listener
Dom/Traverse WoltLabSuite/Core/Dom/Traverse
Dom/Util WoltLabSuite/Core/Dom/Util
Environment WoltLabSuite/Core/Environment
EventHandler WoltLabSuite/Core/Event/Handler
EventKey WoltLabSuite/Core/Event/Key
Language WoltLabSuite/Core/Language
List WoltLabSuite/Core/List
ObjectMap WoltLabSuite/Core/ObjectMap
Permission WoltLabSuite/Core/Permission
StringUtil WoltLabSuite/Core/StringUtil
Ui/Alignment WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Alignment
Ui/CloseOverlay WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/CloseOverlay
Ui/Confirmation WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Confirmation
Ui/Dialog WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Dialog
Ui/Notification WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Notification
Ui/ReusableDropdown WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Dropdown/Reusable
Ui/Screen WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Screen
Ui/Scroll WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Scroll
Ui/SimpleDropdown WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/Dropdown/Simple
Ui/TabMenu WoltLabSuite/Core/Ui/TabMenu
Upload WoltLabSuite/Core/Upload
User WoltLabSuite/Core/User

Last update: 2021-01-08